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About a month ago, one of the volunteers found this big, fat caterpillar in WWS‘ Garden by the Waters. We decided to keep it and place it in an empty aquarium to save it from being eaten by birds in the garden.

In a week’s time, it turned into a cocoon.  Everyone was excited how it will look like because it was really huge when it was still a caterpillar.

After a few weeks, it became this huge moth.  We let it stretch its wings first inside the aquarium.  Later that day, with about 14 people forming a big circle around the aquarium, we released it.  It didn’t fly right away.  It was holding on to the mesh wire (as shown in the photo) and we have to use a leaf to incite it to fly.  It was like his photoshoot before his first flight.  Everyone was aiming their digicams and camera phones to this huge moth who won’t fly yet.  After a few minutes, it flew for about 5 to 6 feet high only, then it fell to the ground.  Everyone gasped but then, it flew again, higher this time.  It went straight to a tree.  No idea how long it stayed there but we hope he didn’t become some bird’s lunch.

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