Third Language

I started with my new work two weeks ago as Admin. Executive. Everything is okay..my bosses, colleagues, work station except for one. C O M M U N I C A T I O N. Everyone speaks Chinese except for me.

Usually, I don’t mind friends or colleagues speaking a different language even if I’m the only one who doesn’t understand what they are talking about. I’m totally fine with it. They can talk all they want while I’m minding my own business. Yeah, I’m left out sometimes.

But this time, it bothers me. Not really because I’ve no idea what my bosses or colleagues are talking about but because my job entails talking to clients/customers who cannot speak English. I can do a better job if I can communicate in Chinese – in Mandarin. I can easily communicate with our workers if I can speak their language.

Effective communication is very important…not just in a relationship, at work, among family members..but in everything and everywhere. And with what I am facing now, I am really keen on learning a new language. So far, everyone I know is supportive of what I want to do. Let’s see how far I can learn.

Here’s to learning a third language….(open new tab > youtube.com > search learn chinese)

I might take classes…let’s see.

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