From The Heart


I’m an Overseas Filipino Worker in Singapore. I’ve been here for almost six years already.

If there’s one thing I constantly pray for, aside from health and safety, it’s inner strength. I need it more than anything else to survive each passing day here.

I don’t have relatives here and I don’t live with any friends. At work, I have my boss who comes every now and then. No one else. I spend most of my days alone. The only person I can rely to the most is myself.

So yeah, I need strength to get by. I need it to see the brighter things in life. I need it to always be positive and to choose happiness.

Coming home to an empty room is not very easy. The only thing waiting for you to come back home is your bed. Nothing else.

Aside from that, I’m also used to eating out alone. I have no problem with getting a table just for one. Unlike before, I don’t feel sorry for myself anymore.

I used to cry every single time that I pray for strength but lately, with what’s happening, I can say that God has answered my prayers and with experiences, I’ve become stronger. Thank you.

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