Stray Puppies

There were 3 stray puppies roaming around our premises last January-February. We’re not sure who the owners are but the factory next to us seem to be taking care of them. We occasionally see them feeding the puppies.

They were so cute that Lynn, our intern that time, and I couldn’t get enough of them. We would always call them and try to feed them biscuits and treats. They were shy at first but later on, they got used to us. We decided to name them after our projects, Nova and Clover (condominiums), and the most shy of them all, Teaka.  It’s supposed to be Teak since it’s our main product, teak flooring. But she’s a she, so we decided on adding the letter ‘a’, thus Teaka.

They are adorable! They help relieve our stress. But lately, I haven’t seen them around. I’m not sure if they were brought home or what. I miss them, especially now that Lynn is not around anymore and I’m always left alone in the office.

I wonder how big they are now..


That’s all for now…

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