Red Dot Design

It was a particularly fun day to be out with friends. No need to point out where the reds are. ;)The second red dot design museum was established in Singapore in November 2005 (of German origin). The museum is the anchor tenant and key attraction at the red dot Traffic, a creative hub located at Maxwell Road, the former Singapore Traffic Police Headquarters.

The red dot design museum in Singapore is the physical embodiment of the red dot design awards, an exclusive exhibition venue for red dot design award winners. The aim of the prize is to honor outstanding design quality and trendsetters. It is here that products and brands communicate their design excellence and differentiate themselves from the mediocre. It also provides important orientation to businesses, design professionals consumers on what or who has the best design.

Hope you all enjoy the week!



  1. The design of the building or as much as I can see is interesting as well as being red!

    Best of luck with this new blog.

  2. Red Dot Design Museum! I love it and I love your RED shirt and the RED clothes of yoour friends! Welcome to Ruby Tuesday! Glad to have you join us, Taj! 🙂

  3. oh boy you got a lot of red!!these are fantastic shots!!

    Great entry..I love it! thanks for stopping by to visit me too.


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