Paella Negra


My friend wanted to celebrate last Friday because she wasn’t retrenched and asked me out for dinner at Orchard. We cannot decide where to eat because of the many choices and we were not really craving for anything that time. Till she remembered this restaurant where she ate a delicious paella.

Every time I hear or see the dish paella, I always associate it with seafood, clam shells, mussels, etc. I cannot remember if I have eaten a paella before but the moment she mentioned it, I suddenly had a craving.

She brought me to a restaurant named Medz. Basically they serve Mediterranean dishes. The queue was quite long and the place was jam packed. There were a lot of dishes to choose from, Greek to Italian to Turkish to Spanish. But since I wanted Paella and she recommended it, we went straight to the “Spanish section.”

I didn’t know that there are actually different types of Paella. There’s seafood, chicken, pork belly, octopus, lamb, and 2 more that I cannot remember anymore. She suggested I try the Octopus Paella. I was hesitant at first coz I was thinking that the octopus might not be well cooked or might be too chewy. I almost chose the chicken one coz it seems like the safest choice. After 20 mins of thinking, I took the risk and ordered Octopus Paella. When they handed me the stub, it says, Paella Negra. I was intrigued. “So this is Paella Negra,” I thought.


Jen was right. It was yummy!! Tasteful yet the flavor is not too strong. Not salty and oily as well. It has some crispy pork belly which compliments the octopus/ink taste. As expected, the octopus was chewy but just right. Well, I love it. I’d definitely order it again.

We ended the meal with a strawberry crepe that was very yummy too.

It was a night of food, and stories about work and colleagues and skin care. A girls night out!


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