Ovaltine Sandwich Cookies


I don’t know how long these Ovaltine cookies have been in the market but I just saw it the other week. Because I love eating chocolate powder, just the powder – be it Milo or Ovaltine, I decided to try this one. I was hoping the filling would taste just like the Ovaltine drink powder. And I was right!

There’s actually nothing special about the taste or how it was made. It’s just plain Ovaltine sandwich cookies but I love it. It’s not too sweet, just right. It doesn’t crumble easily so it’s not messy to eat. Not too hard but just the right crispness for a sandwich cookie.

As for the price, it’s actually cheap. One box has 12 packets. And each packet contains 3 pcs.

I brought it to the office so I’d always have something to munch while I’m bored.

Try it!


    1. I bought it from NTUC, Lot One Shopper’s Mall. I haven’t bought it in a while so I’m not so sure if they still have it. I might check it out tomorrow.

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