My Favorite Dogs In Instagram

Just want to share some of the accounts in Instagram that I follow. These accounts never fail to post cute photos of dogs.


1. MARUTARO. (Dog name: Maru)

This adorable Shiba from Japan has his own iphone app and facebook account, Marustagram.  You’ll see him around the city, enjoying his bow wow patrols or just stopping by a garden to smell the flowers.  He has videos uploaded in his Facebook account too.




2. GINNY_JRT (Dog name: Ginny)

This Jack Russell from UK is one fashionista dog in Instagram.  She always has cute costumes and props.  Her “flying” poses are all cute too.  Aside from the photos, the captions are also funny.  It’s worth reading although the caption just says Ginny wants her human to give her bacon treats.




3. JODIESO (Dog name: Freddy)

This account is actually a personal account of Jodie.  No I don’t know her personally.  She actually has personal photos without Freddy.

Anyway, I followed her account because of Freddy.  According to one of her reply comments, Freddy is a cross breed of cocker spaniel, maltese, and poodle.  She calls him a spoodlese.  This dog doesn’t mind getting wet and loves to play in beaches.  And Freddy reminds me so much of Chewbacca.  Looking at her photos makes me want to cuddle and play with Freddy!!!


Account Name: Jodieso
Dog Name: Freddy


4. DOGANDBOY (Dog name: No idea, they’re usually called “mother and daughter.”

Prior to Maru, I’ve been following this account already.  The photos of these mother and daughter Shiba dogs and the boy somehow tells a story.  If you’ll check out the earlier photos, you’ll see the boy’s close relationship/friendship to these dogs.  You’ll even see how the boy has grown so much.

They also have a YouTube channel, tubenomuko.



I always look forward to their photos.  If you have an Instagram account, you may want to follow them.

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