It’s Cold, Brown, and Yummy

After convincing our chairman that he needs to chill and relax, we went to Island Creamery at Serene Centre after our Sunday duty at the volunteer group. As always, he was nice and didn’t mind hanging out with us.


He ordered Home-made Waffle with Nutella icecream. It was yummy!!


My friend ordered brownie with Reverso ice cream. Hmmmm.. I’m not sure of the exact flavor name.


As for me, I also ordered waffle but with Burnt Caramel ice cream. It was okay but while eating, I kept on thinking, “they burnt the waffle it’s kinda bitter.” I almost forgot I ordered burnt caramel ice cream. 🙁 But if you look closely, the waffle is actually burnt.





  1. yum…looks very delicious, am sure that chilled your Boss. Thank you for sharing. Dropping some late love for Thursday Brownies, hope that you can return the favor too.

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