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International Coastal Clean-Up, Singapore 2011

Every year, Waterways Watch Society participates in International Coastal Clean-up Singapore (ICCS). Since I joined the volunteer group three years ago, I make it a point that I’m one of the participants from WWS.

This year, we went again to Gay Beach to do the beach clean-up. It was a sunny Saturday morning and some of the members who joined were first timers.


Our boats were hoisted from Marina Reservoir to Marina Bay.



We made our way to Gay Beach and the sight that welcomed us…


Litter were everywhere, from plastic bottles to styrofoam pieces to used tarpaulin. name it and you just might find it there. We tried our best to clear the shore for almost 2 hours but we ran out of trash bags. We can only do so much. We were not able to bring back all the trash collected.



We have to leave the rest of the collected trash behind and ask NEA to help someone collect them.

Every ICCS is memorable for me. I get to reflect while picking-up litter. Not every Singaporean knows that part of their first world country is as dirty as this shore. I’m not Singaporean, I’m Filipino but I don’t think twice in helping this country. I now live and work here. And this is part of mother earth which everyone should be taking care of.


Practice the 3 Rs: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.

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