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My latest vacation in Philippines was very memorable. I get to spend a lot of time with hubby and my step daughter, Kyle.


I’ve been wanting to spend more time with Kyle. Yes, she’s not my biological daughter but I always think of her as my own. I always get a bit nervous every time she’s around. We haven’t talked about how she feels about me marrying her dad and I’m not so sure if she likes me. She actually lives with her mom but now that her mom is working overseas, she gets to spend more time with her dad – yup, my hubby.

Good thing we got along very well. We talked non-stop while watching Fred play volleyball. I was also surprised that she opened up so easily about her experiences with her aunts and cousins, and even with her mom and step dad.

On my second night, we went out to have dinner and to watch a movie. She was very excited and happy. Even Fred noticed it. During dinner, she ate more than what she would normally eat. And I was feeling maternal helping her with her food.

We watched the movie, The Avengers. I’m glad that she enjoyed it though she keeps on asking questions and she had to go to the loo in the middle of the movie.


The night ended well. Hubby was also thankful and glad that Kyle had a great time. He felt that for a while, Kyle enjoyed having and spending time with her dad and a mom. It was so heart warming.

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