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Disappointing Dinner

It’s a Friday night and I thought of rewarding myself for being pretty productive than usual at work. I decided to try this Japanese restaurant at Bukit Panjang Plaza since I had to meet someone there to collect some office documents.

The place is called Osaka Ohsho. It’s not very crowded and the inside looked cozy. I checked out their menu and apparently, their specialty is Gyoza. I noticed that most of their set menu comes with at least three pieces of Gyoza. Okay, I’ll try it out.

I asked for a table for one. Others may find it weird but I’m used to eating alone. I have no one to drag around in this foreign country. I was ushered to a small table near the entrance to their kitchen area. After looking carefully at the menu, I filled out their order form and handed it to the waiter.

I ordered for their Fry Mix Set and a Japanese peach juice. The waiters and waitresses around were very attentive and accommodating. Or perhaps they were just stationed near my table. I’m not so sure, but they were polite too.

After about 8-10 minutes, my food arrived. It looked appetizing but I wasn’t tempted to take a photo. I was hungry and all I wanted to do was to finish everything ASAP. The fry mix set had 3 pieces of ebi tempura, 3 pieces of fried chicken, some shredded cabbage, a tartar sauce (I think), a bowl of rice, a bowl of soup, and 3 pieces of their Gyoza.

The soup was good. I was surprised that they didn’t serve the usual miso soup that Japanese restos would usually serve. Instead it was a clear yet tasty soup with a little bit of egg. I don’t really like eating eggs but since the soup itself is delicious, I could hardly taste the egg. I even burned my tongue and palate. I guess I was too excited to finish the soup or maybe I was just hungry.

The fried chicken was just okay. The meat inside was kind of pinkish still but it didn’t have any bad after taste. I am very picky and, should I say, sensitive when it comes to how well a chicken is cooked. I cannot eat pinkish or half-cooked chicken meat. But since this one looked deep fried and there were no funny smell or taste, I still managed to eat them. Actually, I did taste it’s ginger flavor.

The very disappointing part of the meal was when I took my first bite on the ebi tempura. It tasted funny. The texture of the prawn was kinda yucky. I scrutinized one piece and noticed that the prawn was half cooked. No, I couldn’t eat it. I checked out the other piece and it’s the same. I wanted to return them and ask them to fry it again but I was afraid they might spit on it or serve me with a dirty one. I just put it aside while trying to shake off the taste from my first bite. So disappointing!

Good thing their Gyoza was really yummy. It was cooked just right and it wasn’t too salty as compared to what I’ve tasted from other Jap restos.

While paying for my bill at the cashier, I saw the auntie who cleared my table looking at my leftover tempura. Well, what can I do. I just couldn’t take it.

I don’t think I’ll eat there again. Or maybe, I won’t order the same set meal next time.

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