Tulipmania 2015

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Here’s a really late post I’d like to share…

I’ve always wanted to see fields of tulips in real life.  Not having the resources to leave the country and go abroad to see it at the time, I went to Gardens By The Bay last May 2015 to check out Tulipmania 2015 inside the Flower Dome.  It was the third consecutive year that they did it in Singapore and the theme was fairy tales.


Red Riding Hood




Because of the crowd, I wasn’t able to take pictures of the other fairy tale displays, instead, I concentrated on taking close-up shots of the tulips and hyacinths to better see and appreciate their beauty.















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Gardening at WWS

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Planting is a truly refreshing jobs. You get to work around everything green, you get to smell pure earth and fresh flowers and you feel the cool breeze of wind all the time.

Colleagues and I plants at the WWS (Waterways Watch Society), to beautify the place and give our share to mother earth – contributing green somehow. We’re trying to make the place picturesque…who knows this landscape may end up in a postcard someday.

 A picture here and there won’t be forgotten, for posterity’s sake: here’s one of mine holding a pot! 😉


Green Monday

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About a month ago, one of the volunteers found this big, fat caterpillar in WWS‘ Garden by the Waters. We decided to keep it and place it in an empty aquarium to save it from being eaten by birds in the garden.

In a week’s time, it turned into a cocoon.  Everyone was excited how it will look like because it was really huge when it was still a caterpillar.

After a few weeks, it became this huge moth.  We let it stretch its wings first inside the aquarium.  Later that day, with about 14 people forming a big circle around the aquarium, we released it.  It didn’t fly right away.  It was holding on to the mesh wire (as shown in the photo) and we have to use a leaf to incite it to fly.  It was like his photoshoot before his first flight.  Everyone was aiming their digicams and camera phones to this huge moth who won’t fly yet.  After a few minutes, it flew for about 5 to 6 feet high only, then it fell to the ground.  Everyone gasped but then, it flew again, higher this time.  It went straight to a tree.  No idea how long it stayed there but we hope he didn’t become some bird’s lunch.

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Isn’t she pretty?  It’s called Rattleweed.  The volunteer group that I joined in is starting another garden infront of its premises.  It is an extension of the current “Garden by the Waters” that we have.  This lovely rattleweed is one of the flowers planted there.  Just a few weeks there and it has already attracted a lot of butterflies.  Such a pretty sight in an almost bare garden..  We are still thinking of other flowers to plant there.  It may be quite a long process coz we also have to wait for the plants to adjust to a new environment (from pots in plant nurseries to earth in WWS premises), but the it’s always worth the wait.

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